Sunday, September 14, 2008

Walker Poroswall Pipe Company

Walker Poroswal Pipe Company
At the Little Ferry Circle, at the intersection of River Street –coming from Hackensack- and Rt. 46, stood a rather tall concrete-pipe fabricating plant, now torn down making way for –I’m guessing- office buildings. I noticed it at work one day, and stopped by later that afternoon. Having no camera with me, I poked around and making sure it was safe, went back after work the next day. Much to my surprise, a good portion of the back lot was torn up and several tall piles of concrete pipes were broken up into rubble. Also, the presence of a large demolition crane signaled the end of this place. Two days later, I drove past, and everything was gone. Today, all that stands is a large, empty field and a fence surrounding it.
When I went there, I was struck by the amount of hubcaps littering the area, and in face was almost taken out by a Toyota wheel-cover that came flying off Rt. 46 at mach 2. Under the highway was a bunch of rotting work trucks and ambulances that I’d love to go back and photograph.
Places like this really are a nightmare to demolish properly. Lead paint, hazardous chemicals, and asbestos all over the place really can contaminate the area. Then again, it’s almost just as dangerous to leave them standing and having them fall apart and degrade on their own.
Rest in Peace.
Abandoned 1974 – Demolished 2008


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