Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fairytale Forest

I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland, ‘going down the rabbit hole’ so to speak when I hopped the ‘fence’, really just a gigantic shoe, and landed in a world that not too many had visited in recent years. I was first amazed by the pristine condition of the place, like it had been preserved just for us. There was no graffiti, and nothing was really evidence of there being any attempt to demolish what is left of the place. I helped Nicky over once I scanned the place and saw no apparent alarm systems, intruder detection things, or the presence of anyone walking around. I saw what looked like a little giftshop/restaurant to my left with the Sloman Shield in the bottom corner of the window. Not something I wanna get caught in.
I snapped a few pictures of Humpty Dumpty, sitting on the wall for the past… forty years without a break. Various life-size statues of pioneers, settlers, and fairytale characters from my childhood.
I was amazed how well preserved it was. Truly, it is an example of what an abandoned place is SUPPOSED to look like, almost like being in a strange time machine. And though I know we’re two of MANY who have ventured over the wall since it closed, we’re among the proud few who haven’t harmed the place. We leave no traces of our visit, and take nothing to remember it by.
It was cool, creepy, and a really great trip. I wanna thank Nicky for suggesting it, helping find it, and taking some really great pics. The place was defiantly worth the trip.




Nicole said...

I absolutely loved going there!

Fada said...

Wow!!!! What an amazing place. I can only imagine what exploring such a surreal place must feel like. I cant believe how intact the place was.

Thanks for sharing the experience.