Sunday, September 14, 2008

Location Location Location

One thing I’ve noticed is that the more remote a place is, the better condition it tends to be in. Any place easily accessible by road you’re more likely to find torn up and tagged like a Route 46 underpass.
Or a box van parked in Edison for more than three hours past dark.
Or any public men’s room in the United States, particularly the ones at the Port Authority bus terminal in NYC.
Yeah, got a question: are women’s public bathrooms anywhere near as graffitied-up as the men’s?
I mean, I’ve never been so angry at the urinal to where I’ve carved insensitive things about blacks and Jews in the wall in front of me. Nor have I ever tattooed some annoying chick’s phone number on a stall wall. We’ll maybe once. But seriously, who even flirts with the idea of responding to “for a good time, call 867-5309” other than Tommy Tutone.
Either way, when I was out in Centralia with Nicky and my youngest brother, I noticed the severe lack of graffiti in the buildings and abandoned structures far off the main road. The large concrete buildings along the highway, and on the abandoned highway itself, there was no shortage of interesting things to read. I guess those who carry around spray cans don’t want to get too dirty to display their artwork.
Just like at Letchworth: the higher the buildings, or more haunted, you encounter less scrawl and spray.
First floor, oh yeah, lots of shit on the walls. Basement…. I can just see a bunch of punks shakin like a bunch of dead leaves on a tree in October, daring each other to walk down those rickety-ass stairs.
“Dude I dare you to go.”
“I’ll give you a dollar!”
I’ll pass. Especially if I hear voices that don’t come from the people I’m with.


Nicole said...

lol No, women's public bathrooms are usually not all graffitied up. I wouldnt go in one, but they arent that bad. So who's phone number is that? lol See! Curious people will call it!

AK The Jefe said...

I think its Jenny's number :)