Sunday, September 7, 2008

Midland Park Abandoned Dam

Deep in the woods of Midland Park, or maybe its Wyckoff, is this abandoned and broken up dam that I’m guessing was either purposely opened to allow better water flow, or was destroyed in a really bad storm a long time ago. Either way, it’s a great find the surrounding area was a good hike with my younger brother. There was a large foundation that probably once had a building on top of it –well, duh- and I’d take a guess that it was a commercial building due to the large ovens scattered about the place. We also found the front end of a Bronco, wicker furniture set, and a rear axle assembly complete with leaf springs and wheels.
All and all, a great trip, and it was less than seven miles away, so that’s especially cool. My girlfriend tells me that there’s a swimming pool or something like that in the woods around there. I’m still looking for it, and I hope to find it someday. I really wanna go back to this place, it was my second trip and I’d really like to take a third or more to further explore what’s in the Woods of Wyckoff.
Or is it Midland Park?

If you look carefully, you can see my sweetheart.

This is the look I give with my younger brother goes off into the woods... and nearly falls into a ravine.

I had to do the GQ pic.

If he falls, HES explaining it to Mum.

Stairway To... umm, not much.


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Nicole said... your haircut! And its Midland Park. You used to be able to go down that one road and it would lead you straight to the pool.