Monday, May 25, 2009

Battery Lewis

miliBuilt in 1942, this massive bunker in the hills near Red Bank offer a glimpse into what a WWII-type defense post must have been like. This site from which you can effectivly see New York City from would have been instrumental in defending NY from German U-Boats which were known to prey off of ships in this part of the Atlantic, and eventually in the 1960s and 1970s, hosted a long since demolished command and control headquarters for the local Nike anti-aircraft system that would have shot down Soviet bombers if the Reds ever got uppidy and sent planes to level NY.

Now, the majority of the bunker is sealed off by chain link fence and the trail to get on top was so treacherous, I went up by myself and almost went down on my ass.

This place was really cool to visit, amazing how 67 years of harsh elements -especially teenagers with spray cans- takes a toll on these places.

Enjoy the shots so far, we'll be making a return trip in the future.

On top of the bunker, that small trail to the left of the sign is all I had to guide myself up with. The route I took was so steep that I was grabbing onto exposed roots to keep from loosing my balance.

View from on top of the bunker, did I ever mention that I am positively MORTIFIED of heights?

Ahhh grayscale

My Sweetheart took these two shots of me from down below. She can take EPIC pics one handed while I use both of my shaky hands and get lackluster results.

We'll be back.

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