Friday, May 8, 2009

Fairytale Forest... Take 2

"There's someone over there!"

Oh shit

Me and Sweetheart, or rather Sweetheart and I went back to the Fairytale Forest earlier this afternoon, and after poking around a bit, discovering new displays and buildings, we froze.

A maroon station wagon off in the distance, part of the self-storage place, with it's owner walking around.

We spent the next half-hour picking our way out of there, using over and moving only when we knew it was safe.

It was probably just somebody who rented space there, but with time of the essence, we made our exit.

Our hearts were beating so loud I'm amazed we did hear each others, and having enough skulking around, we set course for our third and final stop of the afternoon, Sleepy Hollow.

We went to the Forest today to basically check up on it, and dispel the rumors I keep hearing that it's about to be torn down. There's no benefit to using the land what left of it is on, too hilly, too densely forested, and by the looks of the self-storage facility, they already have more than enough room to work with.

Shrooms... they're everywhere.


The Skunk and I

The Great Pumpkin


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