Monday, June 1, 2009

NJ Vortex

These hills of Passaic County are home to the supposed New Jersey Vortex. Sightings of strange mists, ghosts, and dozens of UFO sightings.

And I know what you're thinkin...
Yes, aliens.

My feelings on the concept of extraterrestrial life are that yeah, they're probably out there, and no, they don't but-diddle drunks on weekend fishing trips.

Now, we didn't see anything creepy when we went there when we did, but thats like watching a random half-hour of security tape at a liquor store in ( insert familiar crime-ridden town here) and say it's never been robbed before.

Either way, we took a bunch of cool pics and went as far as we could based on the info i had.

Again, we'll be back.

Ya can kinda tell the quality of the individuals who tag this place.

Was still smokin when we got there.

More to come. Someday.


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