Monday, June 1, 2009

Womens Federation Monument

Nestled verrrry deep in the woods of the Palisades is the Womens Federation Monument. Erected in 1929, it commemerates the local women's clubs and orginizations that helped preserve and establish the park for generations to come.

The Monument, looking like a small castle, is about a half-mile hike from my less-than-legal impromptu parking spot through some of the thickest woods and steepest slopes I have ever seen.

I heard about this place from my mother, who went there when she was a kid with a bunch of friends. Now, thirty-something years later, her son and his girlfriend went back to take a look as to how it was doing, and I must say, it's in mint condition.

See for yourself:

The pics have a certain flow to them, showing the route to and from the Monument, through the steep paths and thick forest. Overall, I'm surprised that my knee didnt give out and I gotta admit, it sure was fun!


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