Saturday, November 1, 2008


So out in Oakland is this long abandoned place called Pleasureland.
Yeah, sweet name.
Its a relic from the sixties and seventies, and used to be a big swimming park kinda place.
Rumor has it that it was originally abandoned after a pair of Rastafarian gangs had an beef with each other resulting in... it closing.
So, there it sits. At the end of a short, wooded road that was recently paved and had a bunch of barricades and boulders dragged across the path.
The place is literally COVERED in graffiti, some interesting, some... dumb.
It was also one of the easiest finds we ever had. Right off a pretty busy road in Oakland NJ, we must have driven past it a... dozen times going around there before the 'oh yeah somethings back there' reaction occurred.
Its nice, and most certainly worth the trip.

Guilty as...


Dr. Jones

Playin around with the 'monochrome' setting on the camera, and I kinda like the results.

You know, theres about... twenty-five pot leaves painted around this place, and someone had the audacity to paint DEA on something :)

Clay's foot. Oh yeah, hes the one in the red flannel in all the pics.

You talkin to me?

Be Legendary,

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