Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What's-in-the-Woods Wednesday

Hey everybody, went rambling around in the woods -as I'm prone to do- i came across this little gem of a.. well... dunno really. Looks like a platform of sorts. It's made of rebar-reinforced concrete and has held up for a pretty long time.

Either way, looks neat, if anybody knows anything about it or stuff like this please let me know.

Location: Midland Park, NJ by the old blown-out dam.

Be Legendary,
-AK the Jefe


Diegs said...

Hey man, I know you probably don't use your blog anymore but I just wanted to let you know that I actually went through most of your blog and I'm amazed at all the place you have been. I'm also jealous! I'm from New Jersey too, I moved here on 2007, and well I love to adventure, explore and take pictures. If you ever get back on this please contact me at or . I really would love to hear about some good places to go to, or at least just the addresses, unless you don't like to share them which it's totally cool. But yes man, I'm a fan of what you do, I love all that stuff. Hopefully you get this, because I just made this blog thingy just to message you haha.

- Diego.

Unknown said...

i now the post was 4 years ago but i think you want to now what the platform was the background was maple lake a swimming lake untile the dam was blone and the lake was drained so back to topic the platform was a lifeguard post and had a small building on top untile people through it into the lake it was drained about 20 years ago