Monday, October 13, 2008

Telephone Pole Farm

Nicky’s shout gets my immediate attention and I quickly see where she’s pointing. We spent the past half-hour combing the area north of the actual site, looking for it.
Out in Chester Township is locally known roadside oddity that consists of a few hundred small telephone poles stuck in neat rows along the side of the road. These poles were ‘planted’ in the late 1920’s and used by AT&T, Bellcore and Telecordia communications companies as testing sites to measure how they held up in the ground, etc. All the poles –at one point, most still have them- had a copper or brass plaque nailed to them with a three or four digit number, and some have aluminum plates with more sophisticated info on them. All and all, it’s a very cool place to go. You can find it on North Road in Chester Township near the ball field. Its not haunted, or creepy, or frequented by evil spirits. Its just there.

I look like the fifth Beatle now that I hacked off the beard

Madness is like gravity... all it takes is a little push



Nicole said...

That place was pretty awesome.
And btw....112. lol
Love ya!

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