Monday, October 6, 2008

Big Brother is Watching

So, now everybody knows.

Theres a bunch of other clips like this floating around, and to be quite honest, I'm pretty sure that someone with a badge has poked around here from time to time. Am i dissuaded? No! Am I cautious? As always.

C'mon, you drive around your neighborhood, there's gotta be at least two empty places in your hometown or at least NEAR you. There's probably a hundred in Bergen County alone, with property taxes being the way they are, I'm amazed there arern't more.

I don't dislike police, though they can prove to be a bunch of buzz-killers from time to time.

For the record, I don't take anything but pictures. And other than the occasional wad of spit, I leave nothing but footprints behind, and in most cases, those footprints can never be found. Mother nature is the best cover-up. Snow keeps snowing, wind moves around the leaves, grass eventually straightens back up, and if you walk carefully enough, you wont break enough reeds and plants to leave a trail through the woods.

As far as referring to the entry methods as 'breaking and entering', perhaps simply 'entering' is a better term. Break nothing. We don't need that added to our reputation.

I can basically guarantee that if these places weren't burned down by arsonists, or torn-up, razed and tagged by vandals, the need to police the sites wouldn't be needed.

To my understanding law enforcement organizations quite near me poke around these sites, probably due to the high number of them in my neck of the woods.

The best places remain 'our' secret, known only to us, and those who left them.

To those who read Weird NJ and take it to heart, I'm with ya but keep this in mind: some legends are better off not finding out. For at the end of some of these dark and desolate roads sits Crown Vic Interceptor in which resides gentleman in a blue uniform adorned with a shiny gold badge. Those idiots who go and shoot-up Midgetville in Totowa, GROW UP. Not funny. That kinda reminds me of the scene from the Boondock Saints where Rocco goes ape-shit and shoots the two mafia peons in the bar and then proceeds to plug the bartender who was 'in on it' four times shouting "FUNNY! FUNNY FUNNY!" following each shot. Kinda random, I know.

This little post goes out to the majority of explorers: keep our heads low and show respect where respect is due: to the property owners and people who don't want us there.


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