Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deserted Barn

Kinda at a loss for words as to what else to call this place, I guess "Deserted Barn' pretty much sums it up fairly well.

Me and Sweetie -Sweetie and I- were originally looking for a place called the 'Collage House' which looks a lot like the Addam's Family house

But unfortunatly, as we discovered, it got torn down and turned into a

So on our way back down Rt. 23, I see a HUGE abandoned-looking farm.

Intrigued, I pull in and check for the ominous NO TRESSPASSING signs and saw none.

So, lookin around in the frigid cold, I snapped these shots of a remarkably preserved barn, hope you enjoy.

Walked behind the barn for a ways and THIS is all I got to. From the abundance of tracks, I'm guessing people walk their dogs back here alot.
Either that or there's a lot of wolves following hikers.


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Peter said...

very Cool. Keep the posts coming!