Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So I haven't updated in ages since my computer sucks, bad.
Also haven't been active in the UE Community in a long time as well, and finally getting Firefox to work right last night, I noticed that my favorite haunt, , is gone!
Or at least, I can't find it. Anybody have any insight as to where it went?

Now that I'm back to school and have access to real computers that actually work, I'll be adding updates for places that I went to this summer, and ones that I plan on visiting this fall. Since I'm now back to work 6 days a week my Exploring time has been significantly reduced, however the flame for adventure still burns strong.




Peter said...

yea the website got all screwed up.. i forget what it was, i think server issues.. some Administrators may have tried to sabatage the site as well.. im down and out too that was my main site..

theres a few new ones i found that maybe worth checking (claims to be the new replacement of ABNF)


i like your blog.. keep up the good work.

オテモヤン said...
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