Wednesday, April 1, 2009

White Manna

Not haunted...
Not scary...
Far from abandoned...
But in every way, delicious...

White Manna, of Hackensack NJ

The small, garage-sized resturant has been around for well over 70 years, and I'm proud to say I'm -to my knowledge- at least the third generation from my family to eat at this legendary establishment, probably the fourth.

The Manna, as it was known to my old high school, was a right of passage for most in my graduating class. I recall getting out of class before lunch, rushing down to Hackensack -ten miles away- for these fantastic burgers, then rushing back to class with onions on my breath.

They make these small slider burgers that fit comfortably in one hand, made with onions -but you can get them without- on a small potato bun. They start off as a golf-ball sized lump of ground beef and over the next ten minutes, make an incredible transformation into something so damn good it defies description.

The photo above isn't mine, and I'll be uploading my own pics of the place soon.

GO THERE! If you're in the area, and if you're not, drop by. It's worth it! They'll tell you about all the famous people who have been there including but not limited to Jerry Seinfeld and James Gandolfini, amongst others.

Me and Sweetie went there for dinner last night, seeing as how she's going on vacation with her mum for almost a week... what better way to leave home, right? :)

White Manna is located at:
358 River St, Hackensack, NJ

And can be reached at: (201) 342-0914

White Manna: heavenly burgers.


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