Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Letchworth Village Cemetery

So me, Nicky, and Dave took a little trip up to Letchworth, and specifically to the newly found cemetery. Upon coming up to a new bunch of buildings and parking the car, I spotted a local police officer parked behind one of the buildings along the main road. I know he saw us, we saw him too, I didnt make eye contact and basically carried on like he wasn't there. We weren't going in the buildings around here anyway.

Nicky and I went up there a few days before, and saw that the local DPW boarded up most of the old doors and easily accessible windows on the abandoned builings in the northern end of the campus.

Now, you'd think this would aggrivate me. Nope. In fact, I'm a little glad that the local towns have taken an initiative into preserving the place from vandalism. Also, a lot of those buildings are full of asbestos, noxious fumes, mold, flooded elevator shafts, unstable floors... etc.

Keep the stupid people from doing... stupid stuff.

Heres a little selection of the pictures of the cemetery and what the Village looks like today.

The Cemetery is a verrrry creepy place. Most of the headstones there bare no name. The few that do, and have dates on them, bring chills to your spine and a tear to your eye. The oldest one we saw: the person died when they were 39. The youngest: six. The average, 15-19. I'm 20.

All those things on the "honeydew" list...

Picnic anyone?


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Anonymous said...

How do you get to the cemetery? I know the existing layout pretty well, is it behind the 'refurbed' buildings or the old ones?