Sunday, December 28, 2008

Route 59 Drive-In

After going to 'Hudson Point', looking for the weird stuff up on Tweed Rd. in Orangetown, and putting my dad's Taurus through roads so steep that Mt. Washington turns green with envy... we went up to the old Rt. 59 Drive-In movie theater in Monsey.

Monsey. The town sucks.

No offense if you live there, but if you do, or know anyone who does, tell them to learn how to cross a street. The right way. Look both ways, don't run out into incoming traffic, you know, simple stuff like that.

If it happened once, okay, that's just one moron, capable of living and replicating everywhere. But literally, people are running all over the place neglecting to remember that its Saturday afternoon, people are out DRIVING!

This ISN'T your living room where you can let your kids run willy-nilly and knock stuff over and not really care: this is a HIGHWAY!


My youngest brother put it best when the same thing occurred as we went to the Palisades Mall, and I asked aloud,
"Where do all these idiots come from?"
"They're like the locust from Gears of War: they just keep coming out of holes in the ground!"

You don't wanna know what i was shouting at them.

Anyway, back to the drive-in.

There's one left in this area, up in Warwick, here's their site, and I highly recommend that if you're in the area, load up the car with as many people as you can, stuff blankets and lawn chairs in the trunk, and go there for a show. It's well worth the dough, and more fun than going to a regular theater.

There used to be thousands around the country, here's whats left of one of them. The one closest to me was just a few miles from my home in Paramus, now it's the parking lot for the Garden State Plaza.

There wasn't much to this place, and it's now used as storage for a local trucking company.

And a place for me to get my boots muddy taking a few good shots.


Ya CANT miss it!

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